We welcome the opportunity to discuss your wedding with you and hope that this information will answer some of the questions you may have about celebrating your wedding at Incarnation. What follows applies to all couples seeking to have their relationships blessed in our midst.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Who may be married at Incarnation?

We believe Christian marriage to be a sign of Christ’s love to a sinful and broken world. It is intended by God for the mutual joy of the couple, the help they give to one another in prosperity and adversity, and, when it is God’s will, for the procreation of children and their nurture in the knowledge and love of our Lord. For this reason it is necessary that at least one of you be a baptized Christian and that you intend to be active participants in some Christian community. Normally anyone being married at Incarnation will have some connection to this parish. Those who are not members are still invited to contact one of the clergy to discuss their hopes and our expectations.

When may we be married at Incarnation?

You may be married at Incarnation at any time available on the parish calendar with the following exceptions: the season of Lent, any Friday designated as a fast day, and within one week of major holidays, such as Christmas or Easter.

Weddings may be scheduled in the church as late as 6:00PM, with rehearsals scheduled from 5:00PM on the previous day.

Under normal circumstances we need at least two months’ notice of your desire to be married. Weddings may be scheduled with through Catherine Kelley, Parish Administrator at or 404-755-6654. You should be in touch with her as soon as possible after your decision to be married.